RAID Open Water 20 Diver


Learn To Scuba

The RAID Open Water Diver 20 course is a great place to begin your Swansea scuba diving adventure. This RAID certification is your ticket to a lifetime of incredible scuba diving adventures and that lifetime begins the moment you and your RAID instructor dive into the waters surrounding the Central Coast. Your Dive Course will open up an entirely new world for you. Walk through this door and your life will never be the same.

Why RAID Open Water Diver 20?

As a certified (RAID) Open Water 20 Diver, the most widely recognised and respected rating in the world, you have the freedom to dive with a buddy independent of a professional. If you have already tried a RAID Try Dive experience, Scuba Diving experience or are RAID Scuba Diver certified, check with your instructor to see how those credits may apply to the other RAID Open Water Diver program.

The (RAID) Open Water 20 Diver program is our most popular global certification program. You will learn everything you need to know to explore the underwater world with confidence.

As a beginner Diver if you want the highest quality scuba training that the East Coast has to offer, no matter which one of these great courses you choose, the Snorkel and Dive Safari team of instructors will always endeavour to make your “learn to dive experience” as safe, and as fun as possible.

Snorkel and Dive Safari team motto is that it’s all about the quality and safety of the dive training, not the certifications issued. Give Snorkel and Dive Safari a call and start your training today!

RAID mission is to be the benchmark brand for quality dive training globally through improved technology, training techniques, a proactive quality control system and ensuring the highest standard of dive instructors. The measure of our success is not the number of divers we train but the quality of our divers, every diver we train is an ambassador for RAID.

RAID Open Water Diver 20 course has a higher degree of Student to Instructor interaction than any other training agency. Swansea Dive Safari offers Three (3) great options to suit your time for you to choose from:

BUDGET COURSE:         3 days 4 dives /  read more

SIGNATURE COURSE:  4 days 5 dives / read more

PREMIUM COURSE:      Private Course / read more